Solar PV Systems


Commercial PV Systems

Using industry leading solar design software we will design a bespoke solar system for your commercial property. The primary deliverable of our PV systems is to offer you a reliable energy solution over a 20 to 25 year period and in most cases operating at a lower and predictable electricity cost. Numerous other benefits include power generation from renewable energy and with South Africa’s impending Carbon Tax due for implementation during 2016, a solar system will assist in reducing the imposed tax and a reduction on your carbon footprint.

With our PV systems we have several monitoring systems that will enable you to keep your system producing at optimum levels.

Our Sales Approach:

  1. Prime Solar Introduction – Get basic information of your requirements and expectations.
  2. Basic Specification and “Ballpark estimate” – This allows you to decide if the project is within your budgetary and energy yield expectations.
  3. Identify and Analyse power profile and power requirements – We recommend a full energy audit is undertaken by an independent energy auditor. The details can then be used to draw up your energy specifications. A detailed energy audit will also offer other energy saving intiatives that could offer substantial savings.
  4. Design and Proposal of PV System – With our software we can simulate your expected solar pv yield and do a detailed cost analysis and expected ROI.
  5. Finance Initiatives and Incentives – There are various finance options and incentives available, we will offer guidance and assistance where applicable. (e.g.: SARS section 12B accelerated depreciation (50% year 1, 30% year 2 and 20% year 3) and the DTI - MCEP incentives).
  6. Install and commission system. The system is installed and commissioned by our qualified team. A Structural and Electrical engineer will be required for most projects. We will also assist with applications to the various applicable local authorities (Eskom/Ethekwini Municipality/Nersa) to ensure system compliance.
  7. Maintenance and Monitoring – To ensure the system performs optimally, regular maintenance and monitoring is required. Although Solar PV systems have very few working parts regular cleaning and mechanical checks are required to ensure the system is securely fastened and all electrical connections are in good order. Prime Solar will offer a maintenance and monitoring contract with the quotation.
  8. Ongoing Customer Support – Prime Solar will give ongoing after sales service and will ensure your PV system supports the growth of your business.

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Residential PV Systems

Independent. Intelligent. Convenient.

PV systems allow you to become more independent from rising electricity costs and to move away from conventional energy carriers. Therefore, count on the sustainable and decentralized energy supply of the future without sacrificing comfort or convenience. The intelligent solutions make energy consumption affordable, manageable and reliable.

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