Rainwater Harvesting

From basic Tanks & Tap setup to 10 000 + liter tanks and pump systems.

Rainwater harvesting is an innovative alternative water supply approach anyone can use. Rainwater harvesting captures, diverts, and stores rainwater for later use. Implementing rainwater harvesting is beneficial because it reduces demand on existing water supply, and reduces run-off, erosion.

A rainwater harvesting system can range in size and complexity. All systems have basics components, which include a catchment surface, conveyance system, storage, distribution, and treatment. For more information on each, please contact Prime Solar and we can design a system to meet your requirements.

Tank & Tap

The most basic of our Rainwater tanks is a Tank & Tap setup. A tank is placed directly under a gutter down pipe. We divert the rainwater into the tank for storgae and later use. A tap is fitted to the tank, water can be drawn our of the tank via a bucket or a gravity fed hose pipe.

Buffer Tank and Pressure Pump

Our "Buffer Tank" connects to the municipal water connection when it enters your home, the water is stored in a tank and then goes through an automated pressure pump. There are two main reasons for a buffer tank:

1) Continuation of water supply - If there is a stoppage in the municipal water supply you will have water when you need it, depending on how big your tank and your water usage will determine how long you will have water for.

2) Water Pressure - The second reason is if you have poor water pressure in your area. We will determine the correct pressure pump for your requirements. Our pressure pumps are fitted with a pressure sensors so they continually and automatically adjust the pressure in your household system so you always have suitable pressure for that "perfect shower". Tank sizes can vary depending on your water usage. Filtration systems can be added as per your requirements.

Different Tanks

There are various shapes, sizes and colours of tanks. Prime Solar has relationships with numerous tank manufacturers so we can supply the correct tank for your project and meet your aesthetic requirements.

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